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February 01, 20222 min read

Simpler is always better.

Don't overcomplicate things.

Here are 7 things to think about that will help you avoid losing your strength, fitness and health, but actually make significant gains in every area.

Eat More Protein: This is the first thing I educate and teach my clients. Proteins serve as an essential building block for your muscles as they are mostly made out of proteins. Having the right amount of protein can help build muscle growth, maintain muscle mass, or prevent too much muscle loss when losing weight.

Drink More Water: For the average adult, 8 cups (64 oz) per day is a minimum; half your bodyweight in ounces is ideal. If you struggle to get the minimum, start there. And be sure to track your success each day.

Get More Sleep: To look and feel your best, 7 hours is the minimum. If you struggle to get that much, start there and focus on spending at least 7 hours in bed each night. Here are some simple tips for improving your sleep environment.

Move A Little More: Working out 7 days a week was never a requirement for being healthy. It's never been true, and it's not true now. Aim for 3-5 workouts a week -- 2-3 strength-based workouts and 1-2 cardio-conditioning and then maybe on your off day stretching, mobility or yoga.. Or, try for 20 minutes of movement a day, including getting outside and going for walks. Have a method to track your success so you stay accountable (planner, notebook, note-taking app, etc.)

Eat A Little Better: Going from pizza and chips to a 100% clean diet overnight often results in frustration and reverting to old habits after a couple of weeks. Ask yourself, "How can I make this meal 1% better?" Swap out a starch for more veggies, for example. If you like, take pictures of your meals for three days and send them to me; I'm happy to take a look and give you feedback. If you want a great read on this Habit changer check out the book Atomic habits!

Be Kind To Yourself: Celebrate your successes and don't beat yourself up over the failures. Each day, do something kind to yourself … and to others.

If you want to lose weight; You have to have a small calorie deficit. First and foremost. If you are not in a calorie deficit, you are not going to lose weight. Period. But most people- especially women tend to drop too low initially so make sure you know your basal metabolic rate first then NEAT - If you don't have a clue what this is then join our inMotion Fit CLub or join our 14 Day Results in Advance Tial Program.
Remember, success is a compilation of small decisions executed consistently. There's no need to make it more complicated than that.

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