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Our unique approach to small group personal training for 4 to 10 people offers the same customized approach as personal training, where you'll get tailored workouts but with the extra motivation and support that comes from training in a group


Enjoy the motivation of others without getting lost in a big group setting. Our semi-private training for 3 to 6 people in Bend will help you see real results with individualized instruction and more!

personal training

If you need better and lasting results from your workouts, try out our Personal Training program in Bend! Our trainers are determined to get you what you want out of your regular exercises and nutrition plans.

fitness classes

Join our Fitness Classes and experience the many benefits that group exercise has to offer! Our classes are crafted to be fun, challenging, and effective for people of all fitness levels, while providing a social and supportive environment.


(TPI) Movement Screen is a functional movement screen created to identify physical limitations in golfers.

This movement screen focuses specifically on the golf swing to assess the most efficient way for each player to swing.

nutrition coaching

Our Nutrition Coaching program is providing you with every resource you need to succeed. We're proud to offer professional support and accountability on your journey to long-lasting results. Learn more today!


Starting a new fitness program is intimidating & scary which is why we created the M² The inMotion Method..


We understand that not everyone should be doing the same exercises as everyone else due to goals, injuries, age, where you are in your fitness and health journey. Plus we are all at different stages when we are starting out! We don’t want to throw you in with people that have been coming and know what they are doing while you just try to keep up which many times can lead to injuries…

Do you know how many of my clients were so scared to join a fitness program because they were disappointed with the options they see... It's either a big box gym they don't know what to do at with a bunch of machines, crowded classes where no one is checking their form or they do a random workout every time, extreme workouts that leave you exhausted or even injured.

In order to gain strength you need progressive overload that after time doing the same HIIT or random workouts in a class setting can not provide. Our programming right here in Bend takes this into consideration and we add weight, harder exercises, more reps or less depending on where you are and change the programming every month for our small group personal training sessions plus we have joint friendly classes like Barre, Mobility, ABC's, The Mix and Metabolic Conditioning to get that heart rate up without killing your joints and act as some cross training between strength sessions.

Over the last 15 years, we have developed and refined an integrated training system not found in many other exercise facilities called the inMotion Method or M². It is specifically designed for those who are weary of exercise programs that are designed for younger, more resilient bodies that is educational, challenging and meets you where you are at instead of throwing you in with a bunch of people that have been working out- where everyone is doing the exact same thing.

We offer a variety of small group classes that will keep you working out consistently and free of injury and training plateaus that integrate with our Small Group Personal Training.

We specialize in helping people over 40 who want to lose weight and reverse any health problems that may be looming on the horizon. We work with you to help you minimize stress, boost your energy, and love your training. If you’ve tried before and couldn’t make your progress last, we are confident this is the last place you’ll ever need to help you with your health and fitness.

M² offers a true path to HEALTH AND FITNESS – what we define as the state where you are strong and flexible enough to confidently handle any physical challenge life presents.

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