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Small Group Personal Training

Our small group personal training was created so that our clients could have an affordable solution to building strength, lean muscle and performance. While the Team Training sessions focus on fat loss and conditioning, in the small group PT sessions we focus on lifting weights, building strength and improving performance. The groups have between 4-10 people with coaches making structured and adaptable monthly programs (we adjust to the individual) as well as over-seeing every part of the training so it’s safe, effective, fun and challenging and you’ll never get bored – while building strength, muscle, and confidence week in and week out.

To create the best possible body transformation that is sustainable, we’ve found that a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning (as well as nutrition and lifestyle changes that we coach and keep clients accountable to) is the fastest way to create results, which is why we have built a model that does just that by combining different sessions throughout the week.

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Semi- Private Personal Training

Our exclusive offering – Limited to 3- 6 participants – Gives you a personal training solution created just for you, and also includes the accountability of an energetic group of people who are committed to maximizing their potential, while you maximize yours. In our semi-private personal training programs, you’ll get both—and a whole lot more.

We have beginner and advanced sessions that are sweaty, fun and based in dynamic, core functional strength training that focuses on building power, strength and fat loss.

The best part? Semi-privates are an affordable personal training option, available for up to 30% less than our 1-1 personal training programs. Ready to get stronger, firmer, leaner and toner alongside a community of people that are committed to winning?

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Personal Training

Our Private Personal Training programs are all about YOU. Your unique strengths, challenges, and preferences. Your weight, measurements and form. Your questions, goals, injuries, and schedule. And most importantly, your results.

There’s no one else on the planet that’s just like you. That’s why the fastest way to become the best version of yourself is to get 1-1 holistic personal training that’s catered around who you are today and who you want to be, tomorrow.

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Partner Personal Training

Gain all the benefits of using a personal trainer while reducing the cost by working out with a friend, family member, or spouse. You can bond with your significant other, daughter, son or friend while you get in shape together under the guidance of a professional fitness trainer.

Our partner training programs include resistance training, high intensity cardiovascular workouts, as well as both interval and TRX training. We design the workout with you and your partners’ goals and needs in mind. With partner training you will receive the same quality session that you will with our private training sessions and with more cost effective pricing. If you are training with a friend, family member or spouse, you are also more likely to stay on track and stay motivated if you have a workout partner to share your journey with you.

Don’t have a workout partner in mind, but like the idea of fitness training with a partner? Let us know and based upon fitness levels and schedule availability, we will try our absolute best to pair you up!

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Our premier offering – Limited to 12 participants.

Whether you’re just beginning your fitness and wellness journey or if you’re trying to kick it up a notch, strategy is everything. That’s why we created a combination of classes to prevent overuse injuries, progress through actual programming to get you the best overall workouts in the least amount of time. Get fat-burning, metabolic-boosting core functional workouts and the support and accountability from our community of elite trainers that, collectively, have helped thousands of people live their best life.

Our group sessions are designed for maximum fat loss and general conditioning while building lean muscle and keeping your joints healthy and pain free. We’ll take you through an intro orientation where we’ll help you find the appropriate challenge level to get the best results while staying injury free. We believe that anyone can make you tired, but not everyone can make you better. In other words, we don’t break you down, we build you up and get you results!

We have even added mobility-only sessions for building resilient joints, helping eliminate nagging pains, keeping you pain free, and helping you recover faster. We listen to our clients and what they want and need and it

These all-levels classes give you tailored workouts, quality attention, focus on form and programs built for fun and fat loss, tone and strength. Ready to receive the tools you need to change your body from the inside, out?!

It’s effective. It’s affordable. And it’s for you.

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Barre Classes

What IS Barre Above?

We blend the latest exercise science with principles of the Lotte Berk method (the genesis of the Barre movement) delivering a fusion of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and strength training to the workouts! Designed for ALL fitness levels and body types, Barre Above is a truly unique and results-driven program that is continuing to grow and transform.

We offer Barre Above which is our Traditional Barre Class, Barre Burner (barre with more movements to get the heart pumping) & Barre Fight (Boxing mixed with Barre movements)

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Mobility for Every Body

Presenting The Perfect Solution If You Want to Move More, And Move Better.

With Our Program,

  • You Will Minimize Pain,
  • Prevent Injuries,
  • Relieve Stress and Enhance Your Everyday Life
  • Say Goodbye To Outdated Boring Stretch Routines

Ours Is A Full Body Mobility Training Session That Will Transform The Way You Think About Your Health And Fitness. If you’re the kind of person who is complacent in your comfort zone, you will continue to feel tight and restricted in the way you move – so if you’d rather stick to the old stretching routine, our program is NOT for you. This program is also great for those that are unable to do Yoga because of injuries or are unable to move through the poses easily because of limitations but want the benefits.

What is Mobility?

Mobility is a program every BODY can benefit from. If you love Yoga and the benefits of Yoga but have injuries or other issues that prevent you from practicing it then this is the class for you!

Mobility is all about dedicating time to care for your body and soft tissue to promote better movement and improved functional range of motion. Consider this as guided self-care; a practice crucial to your athletic and fitness development. Expect this class to “hurt so good” while you roll, optimize, release, smash, and stretch your way to true functional improvement.

What is Mobility?

In order to unlock the full range of athletic potential and perform movements safely and efficiently you need to be able to move through a full range of motion and create stability in end-range positions. Over time poor movement, injury, and stationary positions cause our tissues to change and shorten, often resulting in decreased mobility. In North American society the primary impairments are at the shoulder, hip, and ankle. Our mobility class combines soft tissue work with static stretching and stability work to unlock range of motion that has been lost over time and improve positioning. Self-care also means decreasing soreness and injury risk. The primary influencers in this regard are tissue quality and joint function. Targeted mobility work can also be preventative maintenance for your body to keep you feeling fit and fresh while you recover from intense bouts of exercise (like CrossFit) or repetitive motion sports link running, cycling or swimming.

This class has a strong educational component, as the skills and techniques you learn can be used at home on an ongoing basis to address soreness and problem solve any nagging issues.

Improve your joint mobility by incorporating Mobility into your routine several times a week.

It will: Prevent Injury Improve Performance Relieve Stress Minimize Pain Optimize Range of Motion What if you could move and feel better, decrease stiff achy joints and improve your range of motion and performance in your workouts?

Give this movement class a try…must be able to get on and off the floor but other than that all abilities welcome.

BoxFit Fusion

This is a full body workout that incorporates all the fundamentals of a boxer’s workout and kickboxing fusion.

Mix up your cardio routine with jump ropes, shadow boxings, pad work, heavy bag work, plyometrics, abs, ladders and lots of heart pumping exercises in a fun and motivating environment.

You’ll enjoy high-intensity drills while burning 300-600 calories.

A cardiovascular workout consisting of jabs, hooks, uppercuts and kicks designed to get you on your way to a leaner body and a healthier state of mind.

BoxFIT/Kickboxing focus on full body training that will help you tone up, lose weight, increase endurance, strengthen your abs and have fun, all the while keeping within proper technique and form.

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Trapeze Yoga

Looking for something new to try? Join us as as we stretch, hang, bend and fly our way to a healthy mind and body!

The Yoga Trapeze is a suspension (aerial/ anti-gravity) yoga system for the practice of yoga postures, inversions, deep stretches and aerial tricks!

It’s a fun way to work out so if you’re tired of going to the gym or taking exercise classes but not really seeing improvements then this might just be for you!

The Beginners workshop will take things slow and step by step, so don’t worry, the class will be accessible for everyone! So come and try something new, and see how you the Yoga Trapeze can make you feel!

Benefits of Yoga Trapeze include:

  • Upper body and grip strengthening
  • Core and lower body strengthening and toning
  • Relief of back pain
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Decreased stress

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Metabolic conditioning

This is our signature “class” that incorporates cardio and endurance strength performed at different intensities, with structured patterns of work and rest periods- similar to what most know as HIIT, Tabata, EMOM style classes. They are great for improving cardiovascular performance, strength and cardio endurance, toning and burning fat.

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Total Body Toning

  • This fun variety fitness class is appropriate for all fitness levels, with a focus on core strength and balance.
  • Smile your way to a stronger, toned, more flexible body and better balance in a friendly atmosphere.
  • Offering a rotating variety of Barre inspired formats including Barre, cardio Barre, step and stability ball all set to fun music.
  • We will finish class with floor core, and easy stretching to send you off for the rest of your evening feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.
  • Equipment included: light to medium weights, resistance bands, sliders, small ball, stability ball, steps.

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