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Small Group Personal Training

Our small group personal training was created so that our clients could have an affordable solution to building strength, lean muscle and performance. While the Team Training sessions focus on fat loss and conditioning, in the small group PT sessions we focus on lifting weights, building strength and improving performance. The groups have between 4-10 people with coaches making structured and adaptable monthly programs (we adjust to the individual) as well as over-seeing every part of the training so it’s safe, effective, fun and challenging and you’ll never get bored – while building strength, muscle, and confidence week in and week out.

To create the best possible body transformation that is sustainable, we’ve found that a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning (as well as nutrition and lifestyle changes that we coach and keep clients accountable to) is the fastest way to create results, which is why we have built a model that does just that by combining different sessions throughout the week.

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