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UNPOPULAR TRUTH-Strength vs.Circuit, HIIT and Cardio for Fat Loss

YOU SHOULD BE STRENGTH TRAINING MORE & DOING LESS CIRCUIT TRAINING workouts for Fat Loss and Strength- Yep I said…Now read below as to why before you disagree…

…. Circuit training, HIIT, Crossfit, GROUP X CLASSES, and yes Orange Theory and cardio (for other reasons listed in a different blog post) or anything that is random …doesn’t work half as well as strength training. Is it FUN heck yeah (well maybe not for some of you starting out:) does it work initially- for most- yes at least at first….Let me explain before you chop my head off and let me remind you I use to coach and train this way so I am by no means

Is it wrong to incorporate every once in a while?? No it can be used as your conditioning days or if you just want a mindless workout but its like only doing cardio for weight loss- you will hit a plateau and its not very joint friendly either.

Honestly, it’s just easier to program and make people feel like they “worked hard” because they’re sweaty and their quads burn from 100 jump squats and 50 burpees.

So here’s some truth on the matter for you…

Doing such high reps that you’re forced to use extremely lighter weights limits your ability to get stronger and place greater tension on the muscle. This is asking for stagnant results, because after a certain point, you adapt (quickly) and can’t really improve.

Taking super short rest periods and super setting every dang exercise, without valid reasoning, to make you sweat and breathe hard, indicating “hard work”, really only limits your ability to progress and add load to the exercises. Sweat doesn’t equal success.

In a random circuit, there is zero structure to provide an actual periodized plan for progressive overload which is really the only way to progress in the gym (see what progressive overload is here). In other words, it’s near impossible to track metrics, to later progress them, within a circuit plan and often the plan doesn’t have any long term structure for you to develop over time.

This is exactly how I trained in college and I first started out as a trainer how I trained most of my clients….BUT for some reason I too jumped on the crossfit/circuit/ random exercise/ functional training bandwagon. Did my clients get and see results- well yes or I still wouldn’t be training/coaching today. But as I got older I realized not only couldn my body not handle that everyday I wasn’t getting the results I use to from it. Now maybe that was me slacking or getting older or maybe even wise which was why I ended up getting barre certified and yoga trapeze certified. Now this is probably a post for another time as we not only need progressive overload but active recovery and recovery too which most of those type of programs do not include. (I’ll post on this later as we switched out model to reflect these 2 very important aspects especially when it comes to Fat Loss- back to my point:)

Getting toned actually means losing body fat and building muscle, which will happen much better with a smart diet and strength training.

I think bootcamps, circuit training apps, group fitness, only cardio etc… are all great for getting people moving and started with exercise. I started my career teaching bootcamp classes and doing HIIT style and Crossfit- We still offer variations of them for fun, active recovery and conditioning but it should not be the only thing you are doing or the main thing you are doing for Fat loss and strength.

So don’t take this as throwing hate at them, even though I’ve changed my tune- you may too after reading this….

It’s just that once you’re past the beginner stage of just needing to get moving, you need to advance to strength training especially over 40. And no you are not going to “bulk” up…


Because it’s the path to achieving the toned look you are after even if you have injuries there are ways to achieve this…

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In the meantime get to lifting some heavy $HIT…OK maybe not if you haven’t been doing anything but here is a few examples….

Only do one at a time..not all:)

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