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Trapeze Yoga


Trapeze Yoga

Looking for something new to try? Join us as as we stretch, hang, bend and fly our way to a healthy mind and body!

The Yoga Trapeze is a suspension (aerial/ anti-gravity) yoga system for the practice of yoga postures, inversions, deep stretches and aerial tricks!

It’s a fun way to work out so if you’re tired of going to the gym or taking exercise classes but not really seeing improvements then this might just be for you!

The Beginners workshop will take things slow and step by step, so don’t worry, the class will be accessible for everyone! So come and try something new, and see how you the Yoga Trapeze can make you feel!

Benefits of Yoga Trapeze include:

  • Upper body and grip strengthening
  • Core and lower body strengthening and toning
  • Relief of back pain
  • Increased Flexibility
  • Decreased stress