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Transform Your Body and Mind In 40 Days GUARANTEED!

Open to the first 20 people that want to feel stronger, leaner, healthier, and filled with energy...even if your fitness is "off the rails"...

Fit For Life isn’t another temporary fix. It’s a radical approach to reshape your life from the inside out. By the time you’re through, you’ll notice a leaner physique, with at least 10 pounds gone, almost effortlessly.

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If you’re ready for a change that sticks, join us for The Ultimate 40 DAY FIT FOR LIFE Program that lays the foundation for your healthiest, happiest, & fittest year yet!

What is the Fit for Life Program?

Fit for Life is a cutting edge online fitness, nutrition, hormone, self care & mindset program exclusively designed for women and yes men too, mainly for the over 40 crowd. Unlike other diets out there that focus solely on restricting food, counting every calorie and pushing your body into the ground, our program is specifically tailored to work with your changing midlife hormones, injuries, lifestyle, age, and recognizing that what worked in your 20s & 30's doesn't work as well as it did when you were younger.

Fit for Life breaks free from the cycle of bad habits, restrictive diets, and ineffective workouts. Our holistic approach promotes optimal physical & mental strength combining the science of exercise, nutrition and psychology in such a way that set you up to build a lean, toned physique with a strong, calm mind.

With Fit for life, you'll finally experience a program that empowers you to embrace your body, nurture your health, and achieve lasting results.

Do any of these resigate with you?

  • Frustrated with weight gain and feeling stuck in your journey towards better health.

  • Struggling with nutrition and staying on track.Wants to unapologetically get fitter, leaner & stronger and needs support.

  • Ready to learn about your body in perimenopause, menopause and take your fitness journey to the next level?

Inside the Fit for Life Program we specialize in helping you understand your body, adapt your workouts, nutrition and thinking in ways that have you working with your body instead of against you, especially as we get older so that you can restore your metabolism and get fitter, leaner & stronger.

Progressive & Customized Strength & Conditioning

Effective and progressive strength & conditioning small group personal training meets your fitness level where you are at whether you haven't been to the gym in years or are a seasoned weekend warrior. Our personal training adapts to injuries, lifestyle, and goals to reach new heights of strength and stoke your metabolism.

Nutrition Made Simple

Discover a simple, strategic & sustainable approach to nutrition that fuels your body, tames inflammation, balances your hormone, optimizes fat loss, and improves your relationship with food WITHOUT overwhelm. stress and anxiety.


By adopting habits and choices that reduce inflammation in the body you will unlock a cascade of health benefits, including improved metabolic function & gut health, enhanced fat loss, balanced hormone levels, reduced risk of chronic diseases, increased energy, and a greater sense of overall well-being.

THE ONLY 40 Day Program Created to Deliver a Personalized, Fun, and Effective Transformation that Keeps You “Fit for Life”

If you’ve tried various "classes", weight loss, challenges, or fitness programs in the past and haven’t seen the results you desired, don’t worry. The Fit for Life 40 Day Reset is designed to go beyond normal fitness programs and give you the simple but effective blueprint for getting and staying Fit for Life.

Starting April 15th, 2024

This is the last program you will ever invest in...

Getting healthy and fit is super simple. It really is. 

With Fit for Life, you'll get back in control over your body and your nutrition because you are working with your hormones (instead of against them) and you are working to increase your metabolism (instead of restricting calories and being scared to eat).

Here are the benefits you can expect to:

  • Build lean muscle

  • Increase your metabolism

  • Become a pro fat burner

  • Balance critical hormones

  • Nourish & fuel your body

  • Optimize circadian rhythm

What Makes “The Fit for Life Transformation  Different?

Imagine a program that’s tailored specifically to your needs, that gives you maximum results in minimal time. It’s true. 

How, you ask? After 20+ years of coaching people just like you, I’ve learned and simplified the perfect system for getting in shape, losing weight, and keeping it off without giving up your life and all the awesome stuff that goes with it.

When you Join the Fit for Life Program today, you'll receive:

1. Free Small Group PT & Classes Training Until April 15th (that is up to an additional 2 weeks on us!

2. Workshop #1- How to Meal Plan & Build Your Plate

3. Workshop #2: Heart Rate, HRV and Zone 2 Cardio

4. Join with a Friend or significant other and Get an Additional $20 off (email or text me for the coupon code)

I'm Ready to Feel Better, Look Better and Get inMOTION!


This is a coaching course that includes workouts at inMotion Training Studio. It includes videos, weekly learning points, weekly habits and will have a community app for checking in and more to help keep you fully engaged.

Ask me questions at any time in the community app, and or attend live callbacks playbacks will be available, but I find those that attend always have better outcomes.

You will learn how much protein you should be consuming daily, and how many total calories would be the best fit for you- although you do not have to count them it's good education to know where you are at and starting from and where you should be. This is only for the first week as I know many of you hate this but you need to know where you are and where you should be...

Each week we will have a different focus, learning, objective, and habit it. This is not a biggest loser, or you can lose the most weight as we find those are not sustainable and really messed with most people's hormones. But if you follow the course and adhere to the advice and weekly habits, most will lose that game muscle increase their basal metabolic rate and feel better too!

In fact, the first week clients don't even focus on nutrition, but rather a movement based on my experience with hundreds of previous clients success is achieved when we take it one step at a time. You will learn enough to be your own nutrition coach, and what works for you- forever!

Module #1 Nutrition (2 Weeks)

Welcome & Introduction & Pre Work: Body Fat & Measurements, start learning the Six Pillars of Nutrition & the 10 Principles of Nutrition.

Module Introduction: What is Metabolism, Metabolic Adaptation, How to work with your Metabolism, Proteins, Fats, Carbs, Water, Blood Sugar, Goals & Expectations, Flexible Nutrition, How to build your plate, Alcohol, Energy Balance, Food Labels, BMR, Protein Goals, Processed Foods, What do I eat?

Habit: Movement & Protein

Module #2 Fitness & Exercise (1 week)

Benefits of Exercise, Weight Lifting vs Cardio, Best Exercises for Each Muscle Group, Workout Frequency, Progressive Overload

Best workout for your lifestyle, age, injuries, & goals. What works best for women, perimenopausal, post menopausal, & men- what is the difference and why?

Habit: Fiber Fruits & Vegetables & Water

Module #3 Health & Hormones (2 weeks)

Gut Health, Hormones, Hydration and Fluids, Caffeine, Alcohol, Sleep,

Go over why Hormones affect everything especially after 40 for both men and women. How to navigate through life after 40. Importance of sleep, less stress and self care. How gut health is related to Hormones and quality of life. How nutrition and quality of food impact how you feel and why inflammation happens and what to do about it. What is metabolic damage or adaptation?

Habit: Stress & Sleep

Module #4 Reflect, Personalization & Putting it all together (1 weeks)

Gut Health, Hormones, Hydration and Fluids, Caffeine, Alcohol, Sleep,

Reflect, Personalization & Putting it all together What are the different phases in Nutrition and Exercise? What is Intermittent Fasting/carb cycling? Who should and shouldn’t Intermittent fasting/carb cycling and when?

Other things we'll discuss -supplements, vitamins/minerals, macronutrients, and everything else you may have questions on...

Habit: Self Care

What’s Included in the Fit for Life 40 Day Transformation?

We give you everything you need for success – but the real secret lies in how we do it:

✔ Personalized Strength Training: Adapted to your fitness level and personal objectives.

Mobility and Yoga Sessions: For improved flexibility and recovery.

Customized Health Blueprint: A personal health and fitness roadmap designed just for you.

Tailored Nutrition Plan: Nutritional guidance to fuel your body for optimal results.

Consistent Accountability: Regular check-ins to maintain your motivation and progress.

Expert Access: Direct communication through text, email, in-person sessions, and live workshops.

40 Days of Specialized Group Personal Training: Exclusively designed for those 40 and above, our training sessions are designed to meet your unique fitness needs, ensuring you feel stronger and more vibrant every day and leaving you feeling like a million bucks when you’re done! More if you sign up and get started today!

Customized Fit for Life Nutrition Plan: Embrace a nutrition plan that's as unique as you are. Tailored to suit your lifestyle, it's perfect for the 40+ age group, focusing on simplicity for lasting results. 

Macronutrient Guidance Worksheet: Navigate your nutritional needs with ease. Our worksheet simplifies understanding macronutrients, making healthy eating straightforward and stress-free.

Meal Prep Masterclass: Discover the art of meal preparation with our masterclass, designed to save you time while keeping your nutrition on track.

Consistent Daily Accountability: Stay on course with our daily accountability checks. We're here to keep you motivated and focused on your goals.

Weekly Support Sessions: Benefit from our weekly support sessions, offering personalized guidance and encouragement to help you navigate your fitness journey with confidence.

CARE - Our Signature Touch: - CARE isn't just a word for us; it's our spirit. It's the proprietary ingredient in our program that ensures you always feel valued. With CARE, your results become ours. We're invested in your journey as much as you are.

Our program is more than just workouts and meal plans; it’s about being part of a community that uplifts and supports each other. Fitness is not just a solo journey; it’s a shared experience with people who care.

With Fit for Life, you’re not just changing your body; you’re changing your life.

If you’re excited about transforming your life in just 40 days, click below and secure your spot.

At inMotion Training Studio we are a results driven personal training facility that specializes in helping locals get real life changing results. Our programs include motivation, accountability and strategic resistance training; along with designing a program specific for you and your goals.

We understand that not everyone should be doing the same exercises as everyone else due to goals, injuries, age, where you are in your fitness and health journey. Plus we are all at different stages when we are starting out! We don’t want to throw you in with people that have been coming and know what they are doing while you just try to keep up which many times can lead to injuries…

Every workout session is led by one of our expert professional coaches and is designed to be fun, supportive and challenging, helping you burn maximum fat, in minimum time. Personalization is key to getting the best possible results, which is why our workout programs are modified to fit your goals and individual fitness level.

Our program is more than just workouts and meal plans; it’s about being part of a community that uplifts and supports each other. Fitness is not just a solo journey; it’s a shared experience with people who care!

If you do not live in Bend- no problem! There are workout programs included plus I will meet with you to create a workout program specific for you and your lifestyle, goals and injuries.

Shannon Segerstrom

Owner, CPT-NASM, TPI Golf Fitness, Mobility Expert, Barre, FAI- Functional Aging Institute, Pain Free Performance, Holistic Health Coach, Flexible Nutrition, Hormone & Gut Health Specialist, NutritionOS, Functional Nutrition & Metabolism Specialist

Sign up now for the Fit for Life 40 DAY RESET and lock in your exclusive Pre-Sale price of ONLY $149 or $25/week. But hurry, this offer is limited to the first 20 motivated folks!


No problem...sign up for our FREE VIP TRIAL and get until the start of the program on US. We want to win you over and show you how inMotion is different without a commitment until APRIL 15TH- plus we'll save your spot and the $150 off the program.

"Fit For Life" Results in Advance Guarantee

We are all about visible progress from the get-go. Commit to our program and community, and if you don't see a positive change early on, despite your efforts, we've got you covered. Simply let us know, and we'll refund your investment, no questions asked.

We're confident in our method and want you to be too. Our guarantee is your assurance of no risk, just the potential to leave your doubts behind. Join "Fit For Life" and feel the impact from day one.

We're confident in our method and want you to be too. Our guarantee is your assurance of no risk, just the potential to leave your doubts behind. Join "Fit For Life" and feel the impact from day one.

To your new, vibrant self with Fit for Life,


P.S. Don't forget, this exclusive offer is only available to the first 20 sign-ups or until APRIL 5th! Secure your spot in the Fit for Life 40-Day RESET for just $149 before the price increases to $299.

Plus, with our "Results In Advance" Guarantee, if you don't see a positive change early on, despite your full participation, we'll refund your investment. This is your chance to transform with confidence and at an incredible value. Take action right now and finally get “Fit for Life”.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contact you if I have a question?

You can call or text 541.241.6989 or email me at getfit@inmotionbend.com- especially if you are unsure of the times offered....

When does the program start?

The Fit for Life Transformation Program begins on APRIL 15th, 2024. If you are one of the first 20 you can start in as little as tomorrow on us until the 13th of April or when we can get you in for a quick assessment.

What is your Current Training schedule?

*6am will be added if we get at least 4 to sign up at that time so be sure to fill out the form!

Can Men do this?

Can men do this program? Yes of course- during the hormone phase we concentrate on women mainly but explain how stress, testosterone, sleep, inflammation, gut health, and body fat can affect their overall health and longevity.

How many days per week do I need to workout?

We recommend you workout with the program at least 2 days per week for Small Group Strength Personal Training for BEST results and 1-2 classes for recovery (mobility) and Metabolic Conditioning or Barre for Aerobic base and endurance conditioning.

If I’m out of shape and new to fitness, can I still do the program?

Yes, Fit for Life is designed specifically for you! Our world-class strength coaches are experts in guiding beginners through our step-by-step beginner's program. We modify every session to fit your individual needs. Plus this WHY we have small group personal training- so you can start at your pace with exercises specific for you!

Does it include a nutrition plan too?

Absolutely. We’ve taken care of everything for you. The Fit for Life nutrition plan is flexible nutrition that is super simple and wildly effective. You won’t believe how doable it is when you see it.

How is Fit For Life different from the meal plans

For one, it’s not a meal plan. It’s a "system”. Meal plans are great in the sense that they provide a guide to follow…and they usually come with some tasty recipes. :-)  PLUS you get one one for each week for ideas on what to eat...

However, a meal plan is more of a “surface level” approach for the time being, rather than a deep-down core behavior change for a lifetime…

If you want to develop the lifelong habit of eating supportively, navigating life, and still having your fun favorites then you need an operating system. Fit for Life provides the “do-how” to go along with the “know-how”.

What if I don't live in Bend?

No problem.. you can do the program from anywhere! You can workout anywhere. I will provide a workout plan and meet with you to get to know your injuries, movement patterns, and create a program specific for you!

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