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Frequently Asked Questions

What is small group personal training?

That is how we deliver our workouts. Just like the name says, it’s personal training, but in a small group. We have 2 Small Group options.

Semi-private which we call Tailored Strength in which you get your own workout, your own routine, and have a coach with you at every workout…you’ll just be sharing the coach with about five other people who are also in your session. Or Small Group PT that is our Block sessions where everyone has a similar workout with lots of modifications and adjustments for all abilities as we found many of our clients like the “class” atmosphere where they can do like exercises but we wanted to structure it so you would get the proper programming.

Is this like CrossFit?

CrossFit did a nice job at popularizing strength training, kettlebells, and barbells. We certainly use those modalities. However, we don’t do a workout of the day and include metabolic conditioning, active recovery and recovery sessions in our schedule and programming. We personalize each routine to the individual and their starting point. Will you see similar equipment? Sure. But it’s not the equipment that makes inMotion special, it’s the coaching, accountability, and community.

What if I have an injury?

That’s our specialty. If you were perfectly fit and knew what to do you wouldn’t need to come here. We modify each person’s routine based on their goals, starting points and injuries.

Do I really have a coach with me at every single workout?

Yes, yes you do. Every single visit is with a coach that way we can tell you what to do, make sure you’re doing it right, and be there to support you.

Is it a membership or how does billing work?

We have a range of memberships that bill monthly or bi-weely. Our memberships range based on how many sessions you want to use per month, and how long you commit to. Once we know your goals and schedule we can recommend a membership for you.

What are your class times?

We have over 25 sessions a week, with multiple coaches running sessions all day long. We start at 7am and go until 6:00pm during the week, with sessions all throughout the day. We also have times on Saturday sessions and will add more as needed!

Is this a regular gym?

I mean, we have equipment and such, but other than that…no…not really. We don’t offer open access where you can come and go as you please. We require all our clients to schedule their workouts on our app, that way all of their workouts are with a coach so they can be fully supported at each and every visit.

Are you really for people 40+?

The majority of our clients are 40+, BUT we have many that are in their 30’s and we also coach middle and high school athletes on occasion as I used to be a coach and college athlete. We find that we attract clients who are intimidated by the typical gym or just don’t like how crowded they are. They need coaching, they need support. That’s not to say we don’t have younger clients who also have those needs, but our niche is definitely fitness over 40.

Do you help with nutrition too?

Yes, we have a Holistic Health Coach that specializes in weight loss, habits and function nutrition and metabolism.

Where are you located?

We are conveniently located in the Central District of Bend right off of 3rd street between Olney and Greenwood. We have lots of parking and are easy to get to from all parts of town.

How do I get started?

Claim our current 30 day trial offer by clicking the red button below and filling out the form or sign up for our FREE Success Session. From there a member of our team will reach out to learn more about you, and your goals, and see if we’re a good fit for you.