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“What should I eat to lose weight?”

“What time should I eat?”

“How how many days a week should I workout?”

And while these are AMAZING questions and ones that are important to find the right answers to…

…but it’s 100% irresponsible of me to give a generic, cookie cutter answer.

See the media and those diets out there that are just looking to make a quick buck have mislead us to believe there’s a magic one-size-fits all answer for just about everything.

When the truth is there isn’t and there never will be.

And you know why?

Because you are amazing, UNIQUE human being.

What you and your body needs may be totally different than the person next to you.

It’s why your best friend can try xyz diet and lose a bunch a weight…

…while you give it a go and gain 5 lbs, feel like a bloated blimp, and have no energy.

No two bodies are the same.

But factoring in what works for each of us individually doesn’t just end with our unique biology and metabolism.

To create a sustainable weight loss plan we also have to consider…


Cuz to make fitness & food sustainable it has to be enjoyable on some level. If you’re stuck eating foods you don’t enjoy and that taste like cardboard or workouts that leave you feeling bored and drained…

…well then you could have the “BEST” plan in the world but it will never stick.


Everyone’s life is different and unique.

Your schedule, the food you have available, your budget, even the access you have to workout equipment.

This all factors in what’s going to work for you and what isn’t.

Where You Are On Your Journey

Success happens in small steps not big leaps.

So often, people are trying to run a marathon before getting out and running for the first time.

They go all-in on their fitness and food which leads to inconsistent action and static results.

The most successful clients I’ve worked with always take small steps.

They drop the perfection.

They are ok with small improvements such as eating BETTER food choices instead of PERFECT food choices.

Cookie cutter answers do more harm than good and keep people stuck.

It really comes down to having some FLEXIBLE guidelines and then making them work for YOU!

And hey, if you’re someone who’d love to stop with the cookie cutter diets and plans out there and are tired of the endless yo-yo getting you nowhere cycle, but aren’t sure the next step to take…

…then stay tuned. I have something exciting coming later this week! in the meantime join our FREE group here

Change You Can Do & Results You Will See

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